Sometimes circumstances cause us to change our paths, reevaluate what we are doing and why, and in this case it prepared the way to discover a new passion for this entrepreneurs love for design.


Afton Roberts born and raised in the mid-west was transplanted to the South where “Ya’lls" are aplenty. Former Kindergarten teacher determined to stay home and raise her babies, was inspired to start a jewelry line that appealed to those rooted in the south as well as her fellow Buckeyes in her native Ohio. With many prayers and nothing to lose she started making bullet crystal jewelry and gaining the interest of local boutiques, Crystallized Necktize was born.
What started from a dream and designing in her closet, now became reality. Her goal is to make her unique and amazing designs known to women all around the country. So, make sure you look for Crystallized Necktize in your hometown, and regardless of location, she is always proud that these beauties she designs are Handmade and MADE in the USA.